Are you interested in sound electronics and located in the Helsinki area? Would you like to learn in workshops and other events?

Helsinki sound-electronics holds regular workshops and peer-learning sessions, covering all kinds of topics related to creating sound with electronics. Past workshops include simple analog and digital circuits, software such as pure data, hardware such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi, and many other topics. Future workshops can include anything you can think off!

To see what is currently going on, join the group on facebook! On this website you will find information about previous workshops and topics we have covered.


Past events

  • 808-style Analog Bass Drum syntehsizer (workshop)
  • PCB prototype production @ Aalto Fablab (workshop)
  • PCB design using KiCad (workshop)
  • Robotics and Kinetic Sound (peer-learning session)
  • Puredata (peer-learning session)
  • Google SketchUp (peer-learning session)

Summer 2015

  • Fillariparaati (workshop combining alternative energy sources, diy sound and bicycle customization)
  • Alternative energy sources (peer-learning session)

Spring 2015

  • KOOLLA performance
  • DIY sequencer (workshop)
  • Behind the sounds II – Hands on workshop
  • Circuit bending (workshop)
  • Behind the sounds – Introduction to sound electronics
  • Modular synthesizers demonstration
  • Arduino synths & audio II (peer-learning session)
  • Arduino synths & audio (peer-learning session)
  • Bytebeats (workshop)
  • Control voltage with Arduino (workshop)
  • Signal processing (workshop)
  • Audio remixing from content scraped on the web (Python) (workshop)


  • Mini oscillator (workshop)
  • Raspbery Pi programming (peer-learning sessions)
  • Pure data (workshops)
  • Demo Day (event)

Keywords: diy synths, CMOS, Arduino, Puredata, Rasperry Pi, Maxmsp, hardware hacking, I/O, feedback, byte beats, circuit bending and sniffing…


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