Koolla is a collective, experiental audiovisual performance. The audience sees and experiences the learning curve of the performing participants. Helsinki sound-electronics workgroup provides tools (diy instruments) for the performance.

The idea is to study borderline between artists and audience. Who is performing and who is experiencing the performance? Koolla’s dramatic curve starts as A to B performance going into direction of chaotic ”happening” and back to A to B format. How artists can guide audience away from chaos? What performatic parameters should be measured during the event? Can we hear and enjoy of the learning process?

The participants need not to have previous knowledge or experience of devices they are going to play, so they learn to play devices on-the-fly during the performance.

Koolla’s premiere was at AAVE Festival, Helsinki, April 2015.



Koolla – AAVE Festival documentary photos by Antti Ahonen.

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